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Grow higher with deeper insights

How is content marketing really impacting your business?

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Set more customers on the right path

Define the destination, let us take care of the rest.

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Supercharge your marketing machine

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1. Setup

Define the goals you wish to optimize (such as sign ups on a lead form, for example) and select the engagement units you'd like to show your visitors.

2. Analyze

TrenDemon maps the most effective paths, content items and sources which generate the highest ROI in relation to your goals.

3. Optimize

Based on our journey insights, visitors are engaged with content and calls to action, to help advance them towards your goals.

Mapping Journeys

TrenDemon works by mapping your customers content journeys in relation to your goals. By analyzing those paths, TrenDemon can find your website’s “yellow brick roads” and help get more of your visitors on the right track. This also enables TrenDemon to generate valuable insights regarding how effective your content assets and activities are at achieving your goals.

Engaging Visitors

Based on the patterns identified from mapping journeys, TrenDemon uses real-time, personalized content recommendations and call to actions to guide your visitors through their optimal path to reach their next goal. By personalizing your customers journeys through content, you will be able to convert more visitors to quality leads, nurture existing leads and engage your existing customers with relevant content.

Discovering Insights

TrenDemon helps you find your true marketing ROI by seeing which content items, campaigns and paths are most effective in relation to your goals. Learn which content items and topics are significant in the conversion process, who to target and with which content and how your typical and optimal journeys look like.

Content marketing dashboard

Accelerating Growth

Supercharge your marketing automation with TrenDemon by personalizing your customer journeys based on lists and attributes. Get even deeper insights by connecting your customer journeys to events within in your marketing automation or CRM as well as lower acquisition costs with TrenDemon’s content campaigns insights and remarketing capabilities.

Amplify Growth

Supercharging Payoneer’s Content Marketing


“TrenDemon has become one of our favorite tools for content marketing insights and automation. Through features such as content recommendations and exit intent, we are able to guide visitors to engage further with us by targeting them with personalized messages and offers.”

Jonny Steel – VP Marketing at Payoneer

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